Monday, June 21, 2010

A Lesson in Community

This week Kurt, a fellow laborer in the Kingdom, shared some reflections on how he had been impacted through involvement at Barberry Village. He helps lead a small group at Clear Creek Community Church, which is one of the handful of churches in the area that has been seeking to embrace our apartment complex with loving arms.

I'll let him tell you the rest:

"I have had the privilege of serving along side the team at Barberry Village for a couple of years now and the impact to my soul has been huge. Until just a couple of years ago, when I first heard of the "mission to the village", I had never given much thought to the community beyond the Compassion Rockwood event held annually at PLS and that was just one day a year. The only thoughts if any that would come to my mind, was “it’s not my backyard” or “this” is a rough community. I would continue to drive through the area, sometimes daily, without much thought about the individual lives that reside there. My world was 4 miles away in a “different” community.

My first opportunity to visit Barberry came at a community meal that my small group offered to provide and serve. I had apprehensions about what to expect while there. To my soul’s relief (first to discover that my fears were silly), I met wonderful people who really just wanted to reach out and find other souls to relate to. To me, that’s what serving at Barberry is, reaching out to meet other’s where they are. Since that first meal, I have really enjoyed the sense that showing up at the community is about meeting other people, getting to know them and finding out that they are my neighbors in this world we’re all trying to survive in. Many of us are experiencing the same hurts, frustrations and challenges in life, some of us just have a prettier picture to hang on the wall for others to see.

Since serving at Barberry, my “community” has grown. I recognize that I need to reach out to neighbors closer to home, I need to be open to meeting new people and reaching out to souls wherever I am and not to “drive” through life with such a narrow focus on myself. Barberry has taught me to open my eyes to those that Jesus died to save. ALL! I with to thank the team at Barberry Village and those in the community that taught me what God’s community is all about! People loving people no matter where they are."

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Michael D. Sheldon said...

Amen! I have such a huge heart for Rockwood and what God is doing there. Thank Him for working in lives and melting hearts.