Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Story of God" at Barberry Village

We as a community at Barberry Village have been doing a study called "Story of God". As you might guess, it is an overview of Genesis to Revelations. We just hit the beginning of the new Testament; the virgin birth of Jesus.

One of our neighbors we have been building a relationship with is a middle aged devout Roman Catholic women. One of the other neighbors is a recovering drug and alcohol addict who has been totally burned by Christianity and the "church", is skeptical at every turn, and has more questions then answers.

Those two lightening rods were almost enough to bring the building down within the first 10 minutes. I thought for sure one, or both, were never going to come back again.

But the Spirit pulled the group together and the last hour and a half was so full of joy, love, laughter and grace. By the end of it the women was laughing at the guys jokes and he was taken aback by a humble apology on her part.

By the time I prayed at the end I was on the verge of tears over how much joy and love was in the room. Such beauty.

Never a stodgy boring Bible Study here at the Barberry Village.

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