Tuesday, March 2, 2010


When we first moved into Barberry in 2008, we naturally made a connection with our neighbors who lived right underneath us. An inter-generational family of grandma, mom, and young daughter who were very open and excited to meet friendly neighbors who they could trust and spend time with. The young daughter would come to the children's events, participate in many crafts and activities with much eagerness to learn. She was nearing 5 years old when the family ended up moving. We were sad to see them move, especially since the relationship was leading towards more discussions of faith, life, and purpose, but unfortunately moving is in deed a fact of life. We said our goodbyes, not expecting to ever see each other again.

Come February 2010, on a typical Monday, Josh finds a note on his door as he returns from work. This note wasn't one we ever expected. It was a note from the family. Written on pink paper, the note said the family remembers and misses us, and would like to reconnect. They left their phone number and request to re-unite contact.

I called and was blessed to hear how the family is doing. Mom was very proud of her daughter, who is attending school and is one of the top readers in her first grade class. The family is closely connected and feels very fondly about the school. Mom said her daughter thinks about us and would like to visit us soon.

We were absolutely thrilled to hear that this family has kept us in their hearts, even as we were apart for over a year. We invited them to come to the next community meal and will be connected regarding upcoming children's events.

It is just amazing seeing how God reunites people according to His will. No doubt that God has a reason for them contacting us - so far its been a clear blessing and encouragement to us, but I have a feeling there is more to it than just that. Please pray that God will continue leading this relationship in His purposeful direction.

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DK said...

Such a beautiful story!

Great example of much of the "unexpected" fruit we are seeing at Barberry. It's so beautiful seeing God at work when you submit to His will and pursue after His mission for your life.