Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Community of Love and Care

Community of love and care
The shell speaks don't you dare
But underneath the intimidation
Is a beautiful creation.

Underneath the hurt and struggle
There is a small bubble
Of hope that's been plagued with rejection
Even filled with infection
Is there someone who can heal?
Who can peel
The layer of destruction
And fill it with God's love and grace?

It is an enormous challenge that man cannot face alone
When the human heart, when the bubble is turned into stone
The power and love of the Holy Spirit comes in the form of hug
And then begins to melt away the pain
Holy Spirit comes as rain
The tears are flowing
The light is showing

Love comes in many colors, love shines.
It is divine.
Christ love is what changes stones into love.
Christ love is what changes infection into perfection.
Christ love comes
And builds
A community of love and care.

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