Friday, May 15, 2009

The Joy and Beauty of Community

I have come to relish in the joy and treasure the beauty of the community that has grown here at Barberry.

I can go outside at just about any hour of any day and run into someone I know. All I have to do is go outside with a football and I can almost guarantee that there is someone i can toss a ball around with.

I went outside yesterday even after I got home from work and started doing just this. Within 5 minutes there were 6 other kids and a handful of adults tossing around a football and just having a great time together. Over the course of the hour that ensued 3 other adults walked by with whom I would step away from the game and just chat and catch up.

I am amazed at how all of this has grown within 6 months with the infusion of God's love compelling us to live in love and compassion.