Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brief Update

As previously noted, the past two months of 2009 have been full of wonder and amazement as God continues to reveal His work, glory, and guidance for Barberry. Because of the open hearts, two Bible studies have been started - a group Bible study and a one-on-one. These Bible studies have yielded to much interesting discussion with both believers and non. We've also been able to go to Clear Creek Community church with Mandie, our dear sister who will be baptized this upcoming Sunday (pictures are definitely to come)! Mandie also inspired a Women's Scrapbooking group to start - although we've only met twice (because we meet once a month), the times have been blessed and the group is growing.

As God continues working in our hearts and in the people around us, we are constantly reminded that prayer is very important and that all of our strength comes from Him. Please pray for Barberry - for us. Specifically so the Lord will continue guiding and giving His wisdom and revelation. As we continue on in these Bible studies, very interesting and difficult questions will continue to rise - many of which we are learning about ourselves in our walks. It is refreshing to hear the questions and thoughts of people who have not lived in the culture of the church all their lives. Please pray so the Lord will give us wisdom and boldness when answering the difficult questions we may have become numb to.

Also for the residents, please pray so hearts will continue to be softened. There is a woman I've met who has encountered a lot of death in the past two months. Two of her close friends died, one of which was a suicide. She came to a meal once and was eager to get involved, but since the deaths of her friends, her and her husband have stayed in their apartment. My prayer is that they will be comforted and their hearts will be softened to receive Christ's love.

Thanks so much for everyone who has been supporting Barberry in both prayer and time.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little catching up!

As the World around us becomes more and more a place of fear and no hope, I thought I would share some of the ways we are still seeing HOPE in Barberry. I am continually reminded of the words of Jesus " the harvest is ready, but the workers are few." It seems this is still true today! Over the last month we have watched as God has opened doors to show is love and also to teach of His grace and Mercy.....the reason we are here. We have been able to go to the next step in our desire for reaching our neighbors and that is having them into our homes and being real with them so Lord willing they will trust us and more so TRUST in our savior. Praise God with one lady this has happened. Not of anything we have done, but by the Grace of God. Praise God that he allowed ladies to meet with her, prayer with her, have Bible studies with her and as a result of workers being faithful we now have a sister in Christ!
How does this relate to the verse of "few workers"? There is an opportunity for believers everywhere of all ages to make an impact in their neighborhood all you have to do is reach out...actually be the worker. It is easy for us to stay at home and forget about our neighbor who is hurting, in need of hope. As our world continues to nose dive into a depression or whatever may happen Christians must become workers who are ready to go! Ask God were you need to go? Be willing to do what he says, and remember the words spoken to Joshua in chapter 1 BE STRONG AND VERY COURAGEOUS!
Blessings my friends!