Thursday, January 1, 2009

A reality check!

As the year starting winding down and the anticipations for a new year and new adventure began to build an event took place that caused for a serious reality check in my life. As you may have seen on the news at around 8:00pm 12-31-08 a man was shot and killed at Barberry Village apt. This is the place we have chosen to make our home. A place were we ask others to come and serve the Lord, and his children on a weekly basis. Why do we do this? Well, it is so that some day lord willing we will no longer hear of Rockwood being the ghetto, the place were it is common place for a man to be shot! Last night as I stood at the police tape unable to drive my car out of our complex because it would cross the crime scene I was reminded, I am not here to sleep, eat and be merry. I am at Barberry because people need Jesus and they need to learn his love for life. I do not know what the next month may hold or what the dynamics of our meal this Sunday will be in lew of this murder but, I do know that Christ died for that man regardless of what his life style was! I pray that we can show an example of Christ to our neighbors and be a witness in this un-certain time.

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