Monday, December 15, 2008


Tonight we had a meal with one of our fellow villagers of barberry town! Amanda and her daughter, destiny and one of Amanda's friends came over to our apartment and a potluck meal with me, david, josh, my girlfriend alison, david's fiance elaina, and elaina's cousins! it was a great time! We had awesome conversations over a great meal, of Spanish rice, made be amanda and her friend, and left overs from the meal yesterday, as well as a few staples that we here in the ACI live off of: water and canned chili (or baked beans? I don't remember which they were)

After dinner, we broke into teams and locked in epic battle of pictionary! God was most definitely glorified as alison and I took first place, followed by david and elaina, we never determined the preceding placings.

Its this opening up of our home and getting to know our neighbors more as friends that I love! this ministry in the flesh, in relationship, in love, with pictionary, this is the way Jesus himself did it right?

p.s. fellowship + pictionary = fellotionary

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Shawnda said...

great stuff, am really looking forward to saturday!