Thursday, November 13, 2008

Season of Change

As we are getting into the hang of things, developing relationships and building strong connections, a tough reality slapped me across the face not too long ago. We found out that one of the families we have grown close to will be moving within a matter of a month. They will still be in the city, but they will no longer be at the apartments. This forces the question -- to what extent are we building these relationships? Will they be constricted to the residents of Barberry, or are we going to love, care, and be there for those beyond the gates? It is definitely a difficult thing to grasp and fully process. I cannot imagine these people vanishing from my life so soon, just as the relationship is just developing, but I know it will take extra intentional effort to continue that relationship. Hopefully we will be able to bond with the new residents, but that doesn't mean we will forget the previous ones. It seems like this may become the trend. Wow. This takes intentional living to a new level. Hard questions, hard ponderings, but important.

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