Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Rabbi's Wisdom

I recently wrote an email to my mentor, who I call my Rabbi. I was seeking advice on what to do about the seemingly crisis of not having enough church's lined up to do meals every sunday of this month. His advice has really encouraged me and David asked me to share it on the blog, so I cut an excert from his email responce that you may be likewise encouraged.

"If you need to do the meals bimonthly for now or once a month right now,
don't feel like that's a failure. In fact it would make the people
appreciate it more. When it becomes consistant people start to think that
it's easy and when it's easy they don't appreciate the sacrifice that goes
into it. Let them see that it's a sacrifice, the vulnerability will help
them appreciate you right now.
Remember that you are an incarnational community, not a program, but
people. THE danger of doing something consistantly is that you guys will
become the reinforcement of a program instead of the program reinforcing
your presence. When you feel that you NEED local churches to reinforce the
program, you nibble the bait that could drag you into being mere
programmers or vendors of religious goods and services. Above all, the
answer isn't food or even local churches, the answer is YOU and the other
is helpful in showcasing your love for them.
I would encourage you to pour your energy into something different because
this is a definitive time for your community. What is the number one thing
that you're offering them? Yourselves. So this isn't a setback in the
least. All you can do is give them what you've got and that is no small
thing old friend. Your PRESENCE, your COMPASSION and your HOPE shouldn't be
marginalized by missing a meal"

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