Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A change in seasons!

As the days grow darker and the nights colder and longer a new challenge and opportunity poses itself for the guys at Barberry. Last Sunday an incredible group from Clear Creek Community Church came and blessed the neighbors at Barberry Village Apartments. This was a new experience once again as the changes in time caused dark to enclose the Village at a very early time. With darkness in full swing we where unable to be outside for any portion of time really, which unfortunately meant very few kiddo's were able to come. :( I can not express how strange it was with out 20+ kids running around. The bright side of the early darkness is, more chance to converse with the adults that came to the meal. Honestly, it seemed that there where as many adults at this meal as we have seen in the past. Praise God for that! It was real neat to see people all over the room in deep conversation really trying to get to no each other in a Christ caring way. i had the chance to talk to a group of boys that did come, and it was neat to listen and watch as they loosened up and began to open and talk. They are a tough looking group to an extent. There is one guy who is the team leader it would appear and he kinda directs the mood of the rest of the boys. I am praying that God will continue to allow us to reach out to these boys and see them come into a relationship with the King of kings! Please be praying as we seek new ways to draw people together for meals and love!

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Matt said...

This change of time is really the greatest evil ever. Honestly, who wants light earlier in the day? No one. And who wants light later in the day? Everyone.

And if anyone disagrees, let them be anathema. Unless they're farmers.

That's awesome that your dinners are going so well.