Friday, November 14, 2008

Blessings from Trader Joe's!

We loaded a moutain of free fresh fruits and vegetables into Elena's car tonight! Their official sell by date was today and all had to go! Their other charity connections were not avaliable for a pick up; we gladly stepped up to the challenge. We are planning on unloading it all tomorrow at the apartments, inviting everyone we can, and handing out invitations to community meals that we have planned for the next three Sundays.
Praise God!


DK said...

In case you were wondering, the food distribution went great! We set up our 10x10 tent with a couple tables in the courtyard behind the mailboxes (where we have done a couple of our BBQ's), laid out the food, and blessed some families. Elena manned the tables while I ran around the apartments inviting everyone I know.

ET said...

It was a great time! The food was all gone, in say, less than an hour?! All was left was a handful of apples and a bunch of Bok Choy. If anyone knows any good recipes involving Bok Choy, please let us know!

Thank you Trader Joe's!

Note: my car still has a hint of apple scent - a great reminder of the great day! :D