Monday, November 3, 2008

A Barberrian Halloween

We had an interesting start to the day. A serious of events led Josh, Sean, and I to the MAX stop in front of our apartments just after midnight the morning of Halloween. An ordeal occurred among a group of individuals that led to a woman being hit by the MAX train. The three of us instinctively split up roles. I was by the woman calling 911 while Sean and Josh kept the rest of the parties present on the scene. As far as we know the woman was in stable condition and will recover from the incident.

Josh and I woke up a few hours later to do shopping for a Halloween event the management had given us some cash to put on for all the kids at the apartment complex. Then Elena and a couple guys from Clear Creek Community Church dropped in to help run the party. Just another opportunity to build relationships and community!

We tried to make it as educational (crafts: skeleton cut outs), interactive (games: ring toss and constructing a dirt cake.), and meaningful (not just loading the kids up with a bunch of candy) as possible. The 30+ kids that stopped by didn't even miss the candy (though there was the obligatory small bag of candy...with fruit and nuts!). Plus each one went home with 10+ cans of food for their family. All the kids had a blast. A group of the older boys stuck around afterwards and helped us clean everything up.

We are all greatly anticipating our next community meal coming up on the 9th! The last one put on by a growth group from Good Shepherd was awesome! The feedback from the residents just keeps getting better and better.

In the pictures below you will see Josh being a stud and running the ring toss (this is how they won the $100 worth of canned food), crafts, a couple guys from Clear Creek Community Church who stopped in to help (couldn't have done it without them!!!), plenty of smiles, one of the boys unintentionally getting into character and looking like a zombie, and a brain we had on display (a hit with everyone!):


ET said...

The brain looks amazing! Great picture!!

Anonymous said...

wow.. nice picture of intestine !