Sunday, October 12, 2008

what a weekend

A moment in life when you feel like you really can make a difference is something that is rare. Yet this weekend I experienced one of those times. Going out and inviting our neighbors turned into quite an exciting day! We decided to make some cookies to take to our closest neighbors, and as we began to bake them we realized our top burner was inop. You know how hard it is to bake eight dozen cookies with only a bottom element.! Well, we got them made and headed out. Immediately we were met by Josh a gentlemen who was moving out the same day. He decided he would introduce us to some of his friends and began running us door to door passing out the cookies we had made. we met a number of people because of his generosity. It's too bad he is gone already.
Through out the complex we received a variety of responses. Some couldn't believe we were having a BBQ others were surprised we actually lived in the apartments with them, and others were skeptical of what we where doing and whether it would make a difference. Overall, it was a great day and a great response! Thank you Jesus for opening doors!

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