Thursday, October 30, 2008

More pics and a little story

Hey guys!
Just wanted to put up a few pics from the last bbq on sunday. It was a ton of fun having Franklin's growth group out serving. They were a great group to work with!

On Monday Tyrone and I where on the deck working on a cabinet and one of the kiddo's from the apartments came and starting talking to us. This kiddo(David) is a good friend of ours now. He became known the day before as "Iron man", thanks to Tyrone and his creative ideas and love for kids. So, we got to talk for awhile then Tyrone and I went inside for some lunch and a few minutes later....knock knock knock......knock.....knock....knock. I'm sure you can guess who was at our door. That's right, david and two of his amigos. We had to stop them from running into the apartment. They were like scouts who had found the gold. We gave them cookies and pastries and sent them on their way. We hope this won't be the last chance to connect outside of the bbq's but if so it will leave a smile on my face every time I remember it.

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