Monday, October 20, 2008

Fertile Soil

Coming to Rockwood, I keep being amazed at the openness of the people. It seems as if the Lord has already prepared the ground here, and many are gasping for the fresh air the gospel brings. Initially, I was thinking this was going to be primarily a community building time, where there would be a lot of connecting to resources and meeting basic physical needs, but it is very clear that this place is in need for spiritual restoration, and many are ready for it. Case in point, at the first bbq, there were at least 2 women who said they've been wanting to go to church for a while, but have been either afraid or unsure where to go. There are also many who identify with the faith and were very open to discuss their affliation. I believe these next months will not only be great times of creating community, but also a time of meeting the greatest need of all, which is restoring faith. God was definitely preparing this place, tilling the ground, and He will continue to, we are simply part of who God will use to make the flowers grow. I have faith that God has amazing plans for this place and I am thankful for the clear signs He is giving. My prayer is that all of us serving in Rockwood will continue walking in humility and guidance of the spirit. I cannot help being excited to see where God is going to take this!!

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