Tuesday, October 21, 2008


It’s been two weeks since I moved into this new stage of my life. This is a stage without T.V, a stage with purposeful relationships, a stage of willful submission to the more capable, more deserving, more knowledgeable, more worthy I AM. On this new stage there are new characters, and old ones. The new include my new roommates. Indeed, I hadn’t known any of them except David before moving in here.

There’s Josh, who I met once at an event called Nightstrike, which is a starting point of what we hope to do here. Josh is older than me by a few years and has been raised in the church. Like most people raised in “the church” he has felt an ever growing desire to actually be the Church, rather than make it a once, maybe twice weekly event. Josh is ever quick to pray, an attribute I hope to glean from him, and always a source of wisdom when approached with questions. Luckily for me, he has an excellent sense of humor. (I fear living with someone who doesn’t) He is always looking for ways to further his knowledge of different things, and I’m convinced it is solely for the purpose of furthering God’s kingdom and His glory in him. Josh walks with the gait of an epic baseball player. He told me he used to play catcher. I don’t doubt it. If I was at third and contemplating stealing home, I would think twice seeing him in armor behind the plate. Although he has an intimidating stature and a strong jaw, he is ever the servant and volunteers himself frequently to do something to better our living situation.

Sean. Sean is a person I can easily admire. At this point I’m sure what kind of past he comes from, but I know that it was rougher than my own. Yet, he has emerged from it with firm beliefs and strong determination that drives him to live a life in humble submission to God. His demeanor, at times, reminds me of what Jacob must have been like after wrestling with God, a knowledge of contending with the Lord of creation, and although loosing, in the end getting what he wanted. He has as much hair on his face as he does on his head, perhaps more, and seems like he should be wearing ox-hide leather rather than cotton and denim. His six-year old son, Riley is just as ferocious as his father looks. With his red hair flashing Riley frequently head-butts me in the stomach. I don’t even think the child knows my name yet. Like most children he doesn’t have social boundaries, this is something that I know I can learn from. To be less afraid of doing something unheard of and more concerned with doing what God has made me to do, to bring Him glory and work out His will rather than my own. I think much can be learned about the father through his son. (Jesus and God are good examples of this). Although Riley is much like Mogli from the Jungle Book, he is ever submissive to his father. In these two weeks here I haven’t heard Sean raise his voice at Riley, or even need to ask him something more than twice. There is a condition for a man to be a deacon in a church that I’ve always found interesting, and that is that the man must have well behaved children. Sean is always understanding to Riley and quick to love him, a trait I hope to glean from him.

David. David used to run cross-country in high school, and he liked it! I have to respect anyone who runs cross-country and likes it, because it means that they know perseverance, struggle and over coming their own bodies, their own desire to give up. David embodies this easily. He has a driving personality that constantly pushes him to continue when others are too weary or unwilling. David has demonstrated this attribute in all areas of his life, in school: where he is always studying and doing homework (something I personally despise, but I wish I did) in Church: where is always scheming something that can bring more people to God, in his relationship with God: where is always reading about and coming up with new revelations about our Father, and with his ministry: where is ever vigilant to communicate and organize and direct people to be most effective in this world. It seems he has the best of two worlds, where he finds study and theorizing enjoyable and he revels in sport and is good at athletic events. From the first time he and I talked, I took an instant liking to him. He’s a person of action, who gets things done, although at times skipping details. I’ve heard it said that busy people are the people that get things done, I think this saying was made because of David. Even with all that is going on his life and the things that he takes upon himself, he always has time to stop and talk. Relationships are important to him, and most important is the relationship that other people have or must have with our creator. If I can capture some of his drive to help others and apply it to my own life, I would be much better for it.
More characters to come.

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